Stay clear of Jennifer Feraday of Background Inc of NYC.She is pushy, unprofessional and sends out unsolicited underpaying job opportunities to models and actors/actresses that are located on casting resource websites (castingnetworks.com).

She'll call you incessantly, give you guilt trips and manipulate to get her way. She won't take no for an answer, is abrupt, throws insults and disrespects those that politely decline her offerings, then will hang up on you so she gets the last word in. We get that you made it all the way out of the big T.O. to pursue your dreams as an extra agent in the big apple, but your style and bullying nature won't get you anywhere.

A $150-250 gig that offers high profile and exposure is one thing, but a gig that will never see the light of day and an in-house production for a full day of work is a complete waste of time, particularly to those with a multiple of projects and a already established career on the go.

Aspiring actors/actresses and models, be wary, there's plenty of opportunities out there with more appreciative and professional agents and resources out there.

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It's quite sad when casting directors don't take into consideration the deleterious effect that certain work can have on your image at large.In addition to offering a relatively low wage to do a commercial, Ms.

Faraday concealed the name of the product she was casting for.

To be specific, she offered $150 for my sister and myself to do a Pepsi commercial, denoted the role in itself as background when it was actually a principal role, and overlooked the controversy surrounding Pepsi; millions sustain that Pepsi suggested that their liquid beverage could eradicate the deeply entrenched pain and hurt that black individuals have encompass, as a result of racial disparities, and a disproportionality of resources.

She however posted the project as an industrial soda commercial, and asked only for African Americans.

We strongly believe that you should give individuals an option with regards to the political stance that they themselves would like to take on such an imperative matter.Moving foward, we encourage actors to research the productions that they will be working with, and to also ask for specific contract in relation to their designated roles.


What an absolite ***.


Her dream was not accomplished and that's why she is who she is, a tired never was who road the coattails of her now deceased talented, charming partner Liz who left her legacy to the likes of a power tripping .now she's leaving that To Elliot.

Your redundant stereotype of a favulously banal *** male with no shame.

It us true they all use blow, strand you, don't pay you and jump to inane conclusions.


I completely disagree with this poster - Jen has always been a good person and a pleasure to deal with in my experience, and I've dealt with her for the pas 5 years.


The rates are sub par and Jennifer Feraday is very rude on the telephone. She is demeaning and doesn't like it when someone really doesn't need her work. She is very disorganized and there is no need to be unprofessional.

Do not work with Jennifer Feraday, Elliot on the other hand, who works with her is very reliable.

There is no need to work for this company, just look on castingnetworks, actorsaccess, backstage and imdbpro, you don't need her poor professional attitude for $150-250.

to Anonymous #1059577

100% true. A total disrespectful ***


I can say Jennifer has always been polite to me and the people I know


I have done many jobs for background inc, se are below rate

Ie in house ads others are union rate. You have

To understand there are thousands of potential

Actors that call her office and just drop by etc. news flash most ny

Agents are pushy etc. get in a different business. Finally I try to never turn her jobs

Down because I was lucky enough to get upgraded

On a Verizon commercial and went on to make over 268k.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #996943



Have to agree with others here.The people at this place have such an inflated sense of importance about themselves and what they do that it's laughable.

Spoke again with Elliott who sounds like a cokehead, :eek he babbles on so fast , mostly about how important he and his job is ...lol. It is his pleasure NOT TO SERVE YOU!

No one needs this kind of aggravation and frankly working for this kind of people only encourages them.I wouldn't work for them nor would I recommend others needing a casting person to hire them.

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